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  • Vibrate your home!

    Euro-C.B. (Phils) Inc. proudly present the new MULTIROOM SYSTEM! Enjoy your music in every rooms of your home with this wireless speaker system controllable by the Multiroom app. Select which speakers you want to activate and adjust all parameters using your fingertips! With the MULTIROOM SYSTEM, music accompanies you wherever...

  • They obey the finger!

    Be in control! Users simply need to pair their smartphone, tablet or computer to the base unit via Bluetooth A2DP, then the base speaker communicates with up to four satellites using proprietary RF wireless technology. Music can be streamed from apps like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube or Pandora, as well as...

  • Always efficient!

    It's simply amazing. The full set of 5 wireless speakers delivers 150 watts RMS, more than enough to vibe in your house! The Multiroom System can fit any style. It is available in different colors to perfectly match your interior. More Details: What is Multiroom? Packages & Prices More⇨...