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What is Multiroom?

We proudly present the new Euro-C.B. (Phils.) Multiroom System!


MULTIROOM SYSTEM is a set of wireless speakers which allow you to listen to music in different rooms of your home. See how it works (below).




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Expand upto 5 rooms

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The master speaker connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth®. The master speaker receives the music sent from your device and then streams the music to the satellite speakers (up to 4).
Multiroom System in the Living Room
Multiroom System in the Kitchen
The satellite speakers are connected wirelessly to the master speaker. You simply need to connect the satellite speakers to the AC plug and they will automatically connect to the master. You can place them wherever you like!
Unlike Wi-Fi based systems, which often require a complicated set-up process and support limited audio applications, the MULTIROOM SYSTEM connection is made via Bluetooth®.
Multiroom System in the Bedroom
Multiroom System for your Family
Thanks to MULTIROOM SYSTEM, you can stream music from any device using any application (Deezer, Pandora, Spotify...) or from the Internet (YouTube...) or from your music library.

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Once the MULTIROOM SYSTEM is installed in your home, you will be able to enjoy wireless music in the rooms of your choosing. The range is around 32 to 49 feet (10 to 15 meters).

  • Omni-Directional Audio
  • Rich and Warm Sound
  • Reliable and stable Wireless Connectivity
  • HD Audio
  • System designed for flexibility and upgradability
Multiroom System Master Speaker
Multiroom System Notes

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There's no denying that wireless multiroom speaker systems are popular, but putting up multiple speakers in various parts of your home (or even room) can be quite an expensive dream. Well, we say that doesn't have to be the case: Media Page

Whatever the music source you’re using (streaming radio, on-demand, or cloud jukebox service) the music will always be played through the speakers of your MULTIROOM SYSTEM. Even similar speakers such as WiFi can become complicated when setting up, and may not support everything.

Our goal is to "deliver a package of multi-room speakers already pre-installed to make the experience seamless." To make it possible, the set-up of the base speaker with the satellites is done in the factory. No more audio cables to connect or any other boring installation. If you have a phone with Bluetooth® capability and a set of our multiroom speakers, you’re good to go!